Welcome to My Bed-and-Breakfast

Welcome to My Bed-and-Breakfast

Thank you for visiting and welcome to my bed-and-breakfast! I hope you’ll find all the information you need to plan your visit to the scenic Mendocino Coast and book your stay here.

Your Cozy “Home Away from Home”

A scenic hideaway located just outside the town of Mendocino, Hummingbird Haven offers guests warm, personalized service, a wide range of amenities, lovely garden views, and a relaxing, cozy “home away from home.”

Owner Margaret Fox

Welcome to My Bed-and-Breakfast 1
Margaret Fox, B&B Owner-Operator and Chef

I love having folks from around the world calling Hummingbird Haven of Mendocino “home” even if just for a few nights. To help you familiarize yourself with your new “home,” I’ve taken lots of photos of my bed-and-breakfast, listed the best sightseeing in Mendocino, great places to eat in Mendocino, go shopping and browsing through eclectic stores, and other tidbits to help you have a wonderful vacation.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about staying at Hummingbird Haven of Mendocino.

What information are you looking for as you plan your visit to Mendocino? Do you have any special requests? Feel free to comment below and don’t forget to book your stay with us.

Ready to Book?

We’re happy to welcome you as our valued guests.

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  1. I was just paging thru my copy of morning food here in my home in grass valley wondering what is margaret fox doing now …. and here i see you have what i am sure is a DELIGHtful new endevour. Best wishes

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